The Father of Gospel Blues – Auto Recovery

Minimal nine year old Tommie and his family moved to Atlanta, Georgia from the modest community of Villa Rica, Georgia in 1908. Tommy was downgraded a grade in school and prodded by different kids. He felt estranged from his school and furthermore the dark Baptist church where his daddy was the minister and mamma was the musician.

He spent the evenings and nights watching the vaudeville exhibitions where he considered such notable blues craftsmen to be Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith. At age eleven he exited school and accepted a position at the theater selling soft drink.

Not entirely set in stone to become popular like Ma Rainey so he figured out how to play the piano and training himself to understand music.

At age seventeen Tom moved to Chicago and turned out to find actual success as a blues piano player and vocalist in the private cabin bars during the denial period. He took the expert name of Georgia Tom.

Tom battled with his soul exaggerating the “world’s music.” His mom was continuously reprimanding him that he ought to commit himself to creating and playing for the Lord. His battle turned out to be serious to such an extent that he had a mental meltdown and needed to require two years off and move back to Atlanta to recuperate.

Adequately refreshed and recuperated, Georgia Tom got back to Chicago and started to play for Ma Rainey and her jazz band. Notwithstanding, it was inevitable before he by and by had a mental meltdown and needed to quit singing in the bars of Chicago.

He still up in the air to commit his music absolutely to the Lord. He started making and singing gospel music utilizing the blues style of music.

To his mistake, a considerable lot of the standard holy places would not permit him to return since his music sounded an excess of like the world’s music. So he got back to the Chicago bars to bring in sufficient cash to make due.

Tom wedded and was anticipating his first kid Gospel of Thomas soon. He kept on playing both in holy places and bars. It was while he was in St. Louis getting ready for a show in a congregation that he got a wire illuminating him that his significant other had passed on during labor. He got back to Chicago on schedule to hold his infant child yet the youngster kicked the bucket inside a couple of hours.

It was at that point that he took the commitment to dedicate his music absolutely to the Lord truly. It was likewise during his sorrow that he formed these words:

Valuable Lord, grasp my hand,

Lead me on, assist me with standing,

I’m drained, I am frail, I am worn.

Through the tempest, as the night progressed,

Lead me on to the light,

Grasp my hand, valuable Lord, Lead me home.

Thomas Dorsey proceeded to create almost 1000 tunes, all gospel with a blues style. He kicked the bucket in 1993 at 96 years old. He had acquired the title of “The Father of Gospel Blues.”