Magnetic Earrings Are For Men and Women

Traditionally we thought magnetic earrings were primarily for women and girls but nowadays more men are wearing this type of jewelry for style purposes. Many jewelry stores now have magnetic earrings that are specifically designed for men which look masculine.

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Some men also wear these earrings for pain relief as recent medical studies have shown that magnetic jewelry is therapeutic for those who have arthritis or who suffer pain due to injuries. Because times have changed, society in general doesn’t criticize men as heavily as it used to for wearing small studs in their ears.

One example of how men as well as women are wearing magnetic earrings is with hip-hop culture. In the past these earrings weren’t a major part of hip-hop style because of the macho nature of this industry and strong emphasis of masculinity. But if you look at some of today’s hip-hop stars and their videos, it’s not uncommon for a few artists to sport magnetic men’s earrings occasionally. The artists usually wear studs as their choice of earrings and they wear the gold or silver magnetic ones.

More men are also moving away from the plain gold or silver earrings and embracing magnetic earrings with colorful but masculine-looking stones. This is especially true for some men who have men’s rings which already include beautiful stones such as class rings. Men like the stone earrings because they add flair to the men’s overall look, particularly men who work in fashion-oriented careers such as modeling and fashion design.

If you’re wearing them in work situations, you want to stick to th メンズピアス  e gold or silver magnetized earrings.

If you’re a man who doesn’t like complicated methods of putting in earrings, then magnetic stud earrings are a good choice for you because they’re easy to put on and they have a minimalist style to them. In addition, magnetic stud earrings won’t irritate your ears if they’re sensitive. For men who are on a budget, these types of earrings are also affordable.

Not all men can sport loud-colored men’s earrings so consider your skin tone when choosing the earrings. If you have a lighter skin tone, dark-colored earrings would work the best but if you’re of a darker shade, then light-colored men’s earrings are a better choice.

If you’re bold as a man, you can get some tiny hoop earrings. These earrings add an extra edge to your overall look and you’ll probably get more attention from the ladies. This is because women like men who are unconventional or who are not afraid to express their individuality.