Kids Online Games: Get Phat!

Online games for kids are games that children can play when connected to the Internet using a computer or video game console [Examples: PlayStation 2, Xbox]. Kids love games, and kids are getting more web-savvy every day that they get hooked on online games in a big way. If you compare today’s online games for kids to the way kids used to get together to play board games, you’ll be amazed at how quickly kids grow and mature.

Online games for children: devices and games

Children can play online games using: (1) a computer: In this case, the games are most likely to be browser-based, simple, fun or educational in nature, involving sports (racing, baseball ), knowledge (Hangman, Scrabble), arcades (Space Invaders, Mario), etc. Many kids can’t play massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs) because there’s a monthly subscription involved. However, companies like Disney have started developing MMOGs for children. (2) A game console: Kids really get scared by a game console. They love console games because the learning curve is easy and there aren’t too many buttons to press (like in online PC games).

Pros and cons of online games for children

Online games can keep kids entertained and apart from that they can also improve their knowledge if they play educational games. In fact, the University of Victoria is developing a game called “Let’s Face It” that teaches autistic children to recognize faces. While playing MMOGs, kids can learn real-world skill concepts like trading, bartering, mining, chemistry, all of which can be useful in real life. Online games for kids also teach them interactivity, as well as how to talk to strangers and how to make friends.

The other side of the coin is that if these games are not controlled, children can become addicted to them and this addiction is dangerous, almost as dangerous as taking a prohibited substance or even as dangerous as เว็บบอล  smoking. If children squat for a long time playing these games, they may become obese. Some browser-based games can be graphically violent and leave a deep impression on your psyche (for example, some browser games might involve shooting a politician). While playing multiplayer games online, a child may come into contact with a stranger who might be up to no good. Many video games feature too much graphic violence and that is not good for a child at an impressionable age.