Creating a Table of Contents for an eBook on Addiction and Dependency

Any eBook zeroing in on the horrendous difficulties of substance misuse, habit, or substance reliance ought to be composed in light of the peruser. It ought to incorporate numerous instances of various substances that the dependent experience the ill effects of. Such an eBook needs to speak to a tormented individual experiencing reliance, yet in addition their companions, family, specialists, and advisors as well. Alright in this way, I have given underneath certain thoughts on what subjects should be canvassed and strikingly recorded in the list of chapters.

Making a Table of Contents first without the page numbers is an optimal technique for the author as to keep them on target, covering every one of the significant subjects and sub-points. Later on, after the eBook is finished, altered, arranged, and after pictures are added, the last thing is include the page quantities of every part and subchapter of the eBook.

Here are a portion of the points I’d suggest in the eBook and Table of Contents on Addiction:


Regarding the Author


Liquor Withdrawal
Safe Alcohol Detox
Liquor Use Disorder
DIY Alcohol Detox


History of Vaping
Is Vaping Bad for Your Health?
Industry Regulations and Collapse
E-Cigarettes and the Future


High THC Dangers
High THC and Mental Health
Industry Growth
Future Health Crisis
Habit forming substance

Narcotics and Fentanyl

Narcotic Addiction
Loss of life from Opioids Skyrockets
Narcotic Detox Challenges
Safe Opioid Detox
Narcotic Effects
Fentanyl – What to Know
Entryway to Illegal Drugs from the Street


Detoxing from Benzos Drugs
Safe Use of Benzos Drugs


Conversing with the Addicted
Empowering the Addicted
Facing everyday couldy life After Addiction
AA and NA Group Meetings

Reliance Treatment

Worth of Residential Programs
Private Treatment Advantage
Pure and simple Detox
All encompassing Dependency Treatment
Sorts of Holistic Programs
Why Holistic Treatment Works
Exploratory Holistic Treatment

Double Diagnosis

Why It’s Important
Double Diagnosis and Mental Health
How Common is Dual Diagnosis

Hereditary Testing

Hereditary Testing and Dual Diagnosis
Why it is Revolutionizing Treatment
Hereditary Ancestral History and Addiction
HIPPA and Privacy in Genetic Testing


How Common is Relapse
Coronavirus and Addiction Relapse

As may be obvious, an extensive genuine eBook on enslavement and substance reliance needs to address normal inquiries that the people who are utilizing and mishandling drugs need to know. It ought to have a lot of data for loved ones attempting to help them. The chapter by chapter guide should be clear and compact, simple to peruse and comprehend, and ready to assist the peruser with exploring the intricacy of the material in intelligible arrangement. Kindly think about this.